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Carolyne's complaint against ITV

Carolyne jensen


X factor rigged voting

Complaint against ITV

It seens that what was a good entertainment program has turned in to a farce. The Honey g proplem seems to be getting worse just like her singing.she and the judges have made the program dismal. If the public are truly voting for people or allow people to see the true voting figures.. unfortunately its all hidden. We all know how rigged the program is.ive had a friend invited to come and sing and they do the back story.its just a shame that all the people who really truly think they have a chance end up wasting there time and not given the time of day as they arnt in the chosen few.even if they where the best singer in the world.the joke act would get through.if your running a freak circus fine advertise that not a singing contest where the fitting criteria is a, you cant have a sad story or need it to change your life. D, you want to be the joke act. X factor was great its now not even worth a look as same old rubbish

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