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Andrea's complaint against Wetherspoons

Andrea Murphy


customer service, manager was rude and dressed inappropriately,

Complaint against Wetherspoons

After entering the pub via the family entrance, we asked a very nice staff member if myself and my partner and a 5 month old baby and a fourteen year old girl come in for a meal, we were told yes, so we ordered our meals and drinks to the tune of approximately 35 pound, only to find out there was only one vegetarian option, however we carried on, but the soft drink of cola was disgusting, flat and tasteless, we sent it back and received the same problem again with the second one, after the third time we gave up and waited for our meals, however when they arrived part of two meals were missing, we were then told they had ran out of part of the advertised meal, so we accepted this and ate what was there, while finishing the meals we were approached by the duty manager and told we had to leave as children were not allowed in after 9 pm, I asked if my child could have her pudding only to be told no, the manager was rude abrupt and well out of order, as we had done nothing wrong, also her outfit was totally inappropriate for a family restaurant , she had a skirt so short u could see her bottom, I would happily accepted that we had to leave if spoken to in an appropriate manner, I have used this establishment for 10 years with no issues, there was absolutely no reason for her to treat us like criminal s, as we dis nothing wrong,

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