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bhasker's complaint against Wetherspoons

bhasker patel


price on menu and at bar different

Complaint against Wetherspoons

On Monday 21/12/15, we ordered 4 pints of guiness and 2 pints ipa. We were che=rged £3.35 for guiness. At table , we looked the price on menu, it was listed at £2.19 on Monday section. We asked barman "SAMMY" (his name given to us) and were informed ,this is invalid for wholeof the december month. Nowhere at bar or on the menu, this was notified. "SAMMY" also informed us, they cannot put stickers on menu to notify this. We fail to understand, why have menus on each table ,when prices are different. A small notice at bar would have been sufficient.

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bhasker patel | | VERIFIED

still no reply from waetherspoom

bhasker patel | | VERIFIED

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bhasker patel | | VERIFIED

no response or reply from waetherspoon
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