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Gabriella's complaint against Cargiant



damaged car by car giant!

Complaint against Cargiant

Avoid buying a car here at all costs! Came here to treat myself to a new car but have had headache with my car since i left with it. Engine light came on a week later on and off continuously. Was told to take it to halfords in park royal which took me 3 hrs there and back only to be told when i got there they could not check it as engine light was off when i got there. Engine light came on the next day again so rang car giant and explained that halfords was too far for me to go back to again so they advised me to go to my nearest garage. When i took it there the light had come off again so they to were unable to check the problem. I rang car giant again and they said to take it to Mercedes for a one hour diagnostics which they would pay for which i did. I took my 5 year old daughter with me as i was told it would only take 1 hour. we were there for 5 and a half hours only to be told that the car would need to come back to them to be kept overnight to check it properly. I took it back to Mercedes for them to have overnight and i was without a car. They said there was an issue with the timing chain and car giant did not want to pay Mercedes to fix it so they wanted me to bring the car back to them! I Was given a FILTHY courtesy car which i then had to pay to get cleaned and they said they would re-inberse me. On top of this the battery on the courtesy car died 3 times causing me to drop my children to school late and me having to wave down strangers to help me jump start it! They had my car for two Weeks when they said it should be with them for 1 week and to top it all off i got my car back with new scratches and marks that were not on the car when i gave it to them and i have the paper work to show the marks that were on the car when it was taken! And although the new marks are not on this sheet they take no blame for it what so ever!!!! Awful place and awful customer service! would advise no one to go there and i will definitely not EVER buy a car here again"!!!

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