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Selling out of date food and overcharging me!

Complaint against Holland \u0026 Barrett

I have literally just got home from my lovely shopping trip in Bath this morning. Upon arriving home I was happily unpacking my groceries from my local Holland and Barrett store when I realised that the vegan sausages I had just picked up where incorrectly priced on my receipt, they had been scanned at the full price (£3.49) rather than the discounted price of just £1.49. Secondly to this I then noticed that the sausages where 2 days out of date!!! Why weren't they taken off the shelf? If they were correctly labelled in the first place they may have even been bought in date! I am deeply disappointed with the customer service firstly because no one pointed out the error when the item was scanned and secondly that they allowed a customer to walk out of their shop with an out of date product!

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Trevor Price | | VERIFIED

Hi, We're sorry to hear about this Emma would you be able to email [email protected] or call 0370 606 6606 so our customer service team will be able get hold of all the details we need to look into it. If you have your receipt you'll be able to take the products back in store for an exchange or a refund. H&B Social Media Team
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