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Shakeeb's complaint against World Star Travel

Shakeeb Ismail


I have a claim for £360 which I paid twice for one e-ticket. No refund was made.

Complaint against World Star Travel

Hi, First, I wuld like to know as how much do you charge? I have a claim for £360 which I paid twice to worldstartravels for the same e-ticket. The first payment via a link they sent me and the other to the agency's bank account. The first request of payment via the link (PaySera) I have been sent did not go through. So I told the travel agency if there is another way to pay for the booking before I loose it. They provided me with their bank account to do a bank transfer, which I did successfully. I have been issues with the ticket. later on I received a conformation from the link (PaySera) that the payment was made.have been in touch with the travel agent (worldstartravels) via phone and emails. The latest response from the sales manager that they instructed their bank to pay the refund and it will take 4-5 working days. No payment has been made. I tried and sent them emails that no refund was received and that if the refund is not paid I will be forced to take a court action. I have not received any response. I would appreciate your support. Best regards

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Shakeeb Ismail | | VERIFIED

Travel agent's name is worldStarTravels ( and their payment link is PaySara is not reliable. It responded that payment was not successful. Then I paid the travel agent via a bank transfer to get my e-ticket. The following day I received an email from PaySara notifying me that payment was completed. Although the agent sent me an email confirming their instructions to their bank to pay the refund within 4-5 days. But no refund and no response

Andrew Murphy | | VERIFIED

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