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Laura CC's complaint against Bellesse

Laura CC Peters


Don't be fooled and don't try it - it's the only anti-ageing cream that makes you feel OLDER!

Complaint against Bellesse

I ordered a so-called 'trial' of 2 face creams, for the price of packaging, only to find out that the true price was VERY expensive, so to avoid being charged I immediately rang to cancel the purchase (within 10-15 min). The 2 items were promoted as complimentary so the order included both. However I received 2 emails congratulating me on the individual purchase of Nouvebelle with a specific order number and the other for Bellesse again with it's own order number. When I rang to cancel they managed to find the #2893413 order for Nouvebelle, which they said they would cancel, but could find no record of the Bellesse item although I had received an email from them confirming the order. They said they could not make a cancellation without the order being registered and would I ring back, but assured me nothing would be taken from my bank account. I then rang NUMEROUS times, spent a VERY long time on the phone on each occasion and send many emails asking for confirmation of all the assurances I'd been given with regard to no monies being taken from my account. I asked both on the phone and in email for these assurances to be noted on the account and in email, but this was not forthcoming. I also spoke to the manager, who couldn't find the Bellesse order either, that he would look into and contact me at a specific time to let me know it had been resolved, but that didn't happen, either by phone on in an email. I mentioned to him that one of his employees had assured me that if any items arrived that I did not need to return them (incurring costs) and my account would not be debited - he agreed that was how they would proceed. This did not happen. Goods arrived and I've been charged. I have spent more time on the phone becoming more than annoyed at the terrible service, which I have to say I feel is downright dishonesty. They have promised they will confirm by email that I have nothing to pay, monies will be refunded and that I don't need to return the goods (which I'm happy to do as long as I don't have to pay postage). I emailed immediately after the last conversation on the phone (again I insisted on speaking to their manager - who's name and ext I have) but I have not yet received the promised confirmation by email. I have the dated/timed emails that I send if that helps. I hope you are able to do something. Regards lc

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