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[User Deleted]'s complaint against EA Sports

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[RESOLVED] - Ea games reset my games back to level 1

Complaint against EA Sports

I am playing the new EA game need for speed no limits. I was at level 49 when they decided that the game needed new content. It was downloading new content then after this my game was reset back to level 1. It was no fault of mine I had all cars upto the second Porsche including the second Porsche. I was also well on my way to getting a bmw m4 as I had passed that level on the underground section and was accumulating the blue prints for that car. Then after 6-7 weeks of all that effort and hard work my game was reset back to level 1 right to the beginning. I contacted ea support regarding this and all I got was an automated computer response. And I am still waiting, for them to reply. It said I had to connect to my Game Center which didn't resolve the problem as I was already connected to the Game Center. I emailed them back immediately and told them of this and I still haven't got any response from them. It just seems like they don't care. They just invented this game for profit and do not wish to deal with the games errors. Which is not fair on those people playing their game.

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EA Sports resolved this complaint

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EA were very kind and reimbursed me with gifts in the game. I am so happy with them.
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