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Jonathan's complaint against Seatwave

Jonathan Ekwonna


If I Lose My £140, It'll Cost You WAY More...

Complaint against Seatwave

I've been selling tickets on Seatwave for over a year now. They have a great platform and up until recently, I'd been a happy customer. I listed 12 tickets for J.Cole's recent gig at the O2. All 12 sold, however one pair said "processing" in the sales tab of my account. In this state, you can't send the tickets to the buyer or resell the to someone else. I received an email from support telling me that they'd resolve the issue within 24 hours. I was okay with that as it'd would give me 3-4 days to resell the tickets if the sale didn't go through, before the gig on 18th May. I heard nothing back after 24 hours and so wrote the following email: ----- "I would appreciate a response to my support ticket as soon as possible please. My sold tickets still say "processing" so I can't upload the eTickets. If for any reason this results in me not getting the money for the sale, it's not my fault! I would request compensation for the lost sale from Seatwave as I have actively tried to contact you regarding this. Thanks" ----- Again, no response. It was not until I tweeted multiple times that I got a reply. By the time they had replied, however, they had decided to cancel the sale and I had run out time to resell them. This cost me a sale of £139.94. If Seatwave had not be so aloof and tardy in replying, I could've had time to resell my tickets. This whole experience has been me badgering them to do anything, and when they say they will do something, they don't. I wasted hours of my time during my University final exams trying to sort this out. I can't get that time back, but there is no way I'm accepting losing my money on the sale of those tickets, too. I will stop using the site and tell others via social media to do the same if I don't get my lost income refunded - that bad press will cost them WAY more than accepting their mistake and giving me what's owed. I did everything I had to do, but it was Seatwave's inability to keep their word that cost me. Why should I lose out?

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