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Caitlan 's complaint against Cineworld



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Complaint against Cineworld

First of all we went over to purchase our tickets for the film, where the member of staff on duty was extremely rude she was argumentative and a disappointment to the company. She charged us way over any displayed price for are age and gave us false information about the film telling us it was only accessible at this time in 3D which then put the prices up even more,when in fact we later found out it was available in the screen we wanted, however we still paid the money to see the film when we would question the price later with someone who knew how to speak to customers, we paid are fees and was given the wrong change as my friend questioned this we got an argumentative reply to which we then later got our money she owned back as she checked the till and realised she had give the wrong change in the first place. So we walked away after this and went into the film. After our bad start to the night we thought it would get better but no the cinema screen which we attended was unclean with sticky floors and old popcorn on the seats. We had to clean this up ourselves as we feared to ask any staff after our last unhelpful colleague. Once the film had stared we was again disappointed the picture on the screen was unclear, broken up and fussy we understand the film was 3D but we did expect a higher level of quality for the film. Before asking we did have our 3D glasses on. We were highly disappointed with our trip to your cinema and we will be sure to inform people that you're cinema is not the place to go and see a film unless your ready for rude staff, over priced tickets, dirty screen rooms and terrible quality of the film. We have always attended this cinema with our family's and friends and have been greatly put of returning. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Yours faithfully, a very angry customer.

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