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Jenn's complaint against Deezer

Jenn Gauthier



Complaint against Deezer

STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP! I began experiencing issues in June of 2014. I have written over and over and over. It's now three years later and I'm still having the same problem. I'm streaming and it just stops and the App disappears from my list of open Apps. Gone. As though I'd not opened it. This happens literally every single time I use it. And sometimes as many as 4 times in 15 minutes. Every time I have to start the app again. I won't go into the steps I have taken to try and stop this. They are far to many people to post, but I have at least 6 support requests on file, with several emails in each. I use an Acer tablet now but when I started with Deezer I was using another one, so it is NOT MY equipment. The last time I wrote was within the last two weeks. Again absolutely no help. None. Plus I was as much as called a liar. PLUS I've been offered no compensation for the trouble I've had~for three bloody years. I asked for some free time and was grudgingly offered 1 month free. Please understand, I am not writing Deezer in order to get something free out of them, but their absymal attitude and sheer derth of any knid of resolution to this ongoing debacle makes me feel something should be offered for all of the trouble I've had.

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