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John's complaint against The Bannatyne Group

John Luck


[RESOLVED] - Could not afford to pay my membership as i lost my job

Complaint against The Bannatyne Group

On the 20th of June 2016 i rang bannatyne gym in Orpington to tell them that i could not pay my membership, i sent them an email on the 23rd june, they told me that's okay not a problem that we would freeze your account, until you get a job. I then get a email from bannatyne head office saying i have not paid my membership, so i sent them a email back saying that i have spoke to the orpington branch and that they froze my account, i got no reply, that was on the 4th July. I then get the same email again on the 18th July, so i sent a message straight away to them saying the same thing, i get no reply. I decided to phone bannatyne head office and spoke to Debbie Todd the following day, she said to me that she had not received any emails or any phone calls to the Orpington branch, i told Debbie that they said that they would freeze my account, she said they would not say that and that she had no emails or calls from the Orpington branch. She then told me how am i going to pay for my membership, i said i've lost my job i have no money, we agreed in the end for £1 a month. At 10.38am on Thursday i sent a message to Debbie Todd saying that i have a job now and i can pay £39.99 at the end of the month, but i also sent proof of the emails that i had sent, to proof that i am not a lier as it felt like she was saying. I then get a reply from Paul Farrow, saying he is very sorry about what had happened and that the emails went to noreply so they did not get them. I have felt like i have been harassed by emails and texted messages and felt like i have been called a lier. They did try and offer me a deal, of which i said no. I have been with the gym for nearly four years now and had no problems, until now and have been wrongly treated.

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The Bannatyne Group resolved this complaint

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John Luck | | VERIFIED

They said they was sorry and they would wave the £39.99 for the month.
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