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jane's complaint against The Bannatyne Group

jane carroll


I made a complaint to the hotal and had no response

Complaint against The Bannatyne Group

This e-mail was sent on the 12-12-17 and I have not even had the courtesy of a reply. !!! I am writing to complain about the booking I made for Ms Debbie Yelding for the 1st weekend in December. 1. The chocolate strawberries were never put into her room. I am very disappointed about this as I had several e-mails with you to organise this. 2. Her morning paper was not delivered. 3. I e-mailed you to say that we were treating her as she deserved this break and you assured us you would take care of her. 4. I arranged for us to join her for dinner in the evening. There was nothing special about the evening. Our table was around the corner by a fire escape which was drafty. It was dark with no overhead light. The waitress had to move a large piece of kitchen equipment so that Mr Parker could sit in his chair ( this remained behind him for the duration) 5. Mr Parker’s main meal of shellfish was tiny, with no potato side dish. He had 3 clams one of which was empty and two tiny pieces of fish measuring about 2 X 5 cm ( he filled up with bread) it was so small we thought it was a starter ! 6. They forgot our water and had had to remind them twice. 7. They forgot to bring cutlery with the sweet, we had to ask twice. We did not complain at the time because we did not want to spoil the evening any further for Ms Yelding. You will see from you e-mails and assurances below that you promised you would look after her, organise the chocolate strawberries, but in fact we felt that we had been pushed in a corner in the dark with overflow of kitchen equipment and very poor service. Our special treat for Ms Yelding was anything but. I am very disappointed that such a large organisation could get something like this so wrong. Regards Jane Carroll

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