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Semion Shannon's complaint against Unilever

Semion Shannon Walker



Complaint against Unilever

Last year of May 2014, I had won a competition Magnum ice cream were running in celebration of their 25th birthday. I had never won any competition before, especially not one as big as this one - So I was ecstatic when I found out I had won. Initially, I was notified by email that I was one of the 25 winners to win a bespoke dress worth £5,000, designed and created by Henry Holland exclusively for Magnum's 25th birthday. After sending my measurements and being told that the arrival of the dress would be significantly delayed due to the bespoke nature, I finally received the dress in late October of 2014. I was so excited after waiting so long to receive the dress - But all was not as it seemed. The word 'Devastated' cannot give justice to the way I was feeling when I saw the damaged box it came in which looked as if it had been taken off a scrapheap. Battered and bruised. The box alone made me dread what laid inside. When I opened the box and saw the dress, immediately I knew something was not right. The dress I had received looked nothing like the dress that was advertised on the promotion. The craftsmanship of the dress I received was appalling. Big chunky sequins not stitched on properly, bent sequins, sequins dangling off and falling off. Pieces of thread sticking out here there and everywhere! The dress felt very heavy when I picked it up to try it on. The inner lining was a dingy brown colour and smelt foul like it was second hand material which had been taken from an old coat. I tried to try on the dress and that was the biggest struggle in itself! My head got stuck in the opening and I could not fit my arms into the openings - so much for bespoke! The label on the back of the dress that read "this dress was exclusively made for Shannon" looked tacky, badly executed like a toddler had just slapped it on. Part of the label fell off too after only trying it on. It was an absolute disaster! I contacted Magnum immediately, I thought some kind of mistake had happened. Magnum did not want to take responsibility for the situation. I even decided to take matters into my own hand and make a complaint to Unilever but they never bothered to respond, not even to this day. Upon online research, I found that I was not the only one out of the 25 winners to have had the same problems with their dresses, which made me realise that Magnum had in fact scammed me. I ended up filing a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority who banned the advert last month, after a year of the competition ending. Although the Advertising Standards Authority have ruled on the case, I have not received justice for what was meant to be a prize. It is despicable that a company as well known as Magnum can get away with something like this! I am appalled and have done everything I can to try and gain compensation, however, I have had no success.

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