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Nicola's complaint against Stansted Airport

Nicola bowers


Rip off parking

Complaint against Stansted Airport

While collecting family members from Stansted airport today (8th June 2015) we used express drop off/pick up parking. As we were aware of the cost (£2 for 10 minutes) we kept a close eye on the time. We pulled up at 2:31pm. We waited for 8 minutes and left at 2:39pm. We then made our way to the barrier. We waited behind a white van who was having trouble with the paying machine. We then decided to reverse and to try another machine. When we pulled up to the second machine we put £2 in. The machine said that we had to pay £8 on top of that if we wanted to leave the area. As we had no more change left and knew that we had not over stayed we called for assistance by pressing the button on the machine. A man on the other end was very rude and unhelpful. He insisted that we had over stayed as he had watched us on the CCTV camera. As I had a witness in the car with me who insisted we did not overstay we asked if there was any other options. The man said that he could contact the police, however we had no evidence to prove how long we stayed. This meant that we had no other option but to pay the £10. The man also said quite rudely " the more time you spend arguing with me, the more money you will have to pay." I would like to see evidence showing my car entering and exiting this drop off point. Otherwise I will be seeking legal advice.

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