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Sam's complaint against Transport for London

Sam McManus


Pregnant, penalised for refund - equality needed

Complaint against Transport for London

I ended my season ticket £2208 on 29/5 as it was my last working day before maternity. I had a refund calculated to me of £391. Season ticket started on 12/9/14 and ended 11/9/15, I calculated that there was 105 days left remaining and that should have given me a refund of about £620. I also called up before renewing my season ticket this year to ask whether it was better for me to buy an annual ticket or a monthly one. Was told that I'd get a refund and it made no difference, so I simply just renewed my annual pass. However, what TFL didn't tell me is that when they calculate the refund they calculate it at the highest daily charge, so my usage goes up in value, hence getting less back. This I feel is not only unfair but directly contravenes the equality act by penalising pregnant women who are protected from this sort of discrimination. I worked out tht if I'd have bought monthly tickets I'd be about £100 better off now than purchasing the annual one. Even when callin this week to ask how a refund is processed I was reading their website to them as they didn't know the procedure. I feel I've been mis sold on poor information, discriminated against and severely out of pocket.

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