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David's complaint against DVLA

David Alderton


Leaflet describes a refund of £160 if a clamped car is taxed before the release

Complaint against DVLA

My son wanted to buy a car. He spotted one, in a street nearby. However, it was clamped. he came to deal with the owner on the price excluding the release fee.I paid the road tax fee online and the release fee for my son. when I did not receive the £160 refund I rang the supplied number and was told that I was not entitled to a rebate because I had not rang the depot/compound within 15 days. I wrote and explained that I must have misunderstood about ringing within the time limit because it implied I had to ring the compound when the car was taxed. As the car was not in a compound I had no idea the information still applied. The DVLA has refused the refund on the grounds I failed to make contact within t.he stipulated time frame. Can they withhold the surety despite I had no idea what it is and that it is a legal binding agreement which, as I am not legally minded did not understand? Please help me as I put the fees on my credit card and now may get into difficulty paying the money back.

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