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Jek P's complaint against DVLA

Jek P Fong


Registration for first vehicle tax and new motor vehicle

Complaint against DVLA

I bought an electric motor scooter in the UK which I had to register with the DVLA using the V55/4 form. I completed my registration application using all the information given by the supplier and paid approx £10 for a secure mailing to and from DVLA for all my documents. DVLA rejected my application stating the Certificate of Newness form was a photocopy, required original signature from supplier. I complied and returned my application again paying another approx £10 secure mailing to and from DVLA. DVLA again rejected my application stating the same Certificate of Newness form, which is now original had no mileage stated, as requested. The mileage box is empty simply because we received the scooter in a box and had to assemble it ourselves, therefore the mileage is zero. Its new! The initial photocopied Certificate of Newness form also had no mileage indicated, yet this was not highlighted in the first rejection. Seems the DVLA is picking out an issue one at a time and rejecting the entire registration at each instance thus prolonging a simple registration process, instead of going through the entire registration in order to assist the consumer.

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