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jack's complaint against DVLA

jack beddoes


Rude customer service

Complaint against DVLA

I have an old car which was supposed to be taken away for scrap today. However, yesterday I come home from work on my lunch break to find a wheel clamped just because the MOT had expired. I immediatly phoned the number provided to explain it was being collected the following day for scrap (today) the man on the phone called me a F***ing C**t and said that I shouldnt have left it on the road and called me an idiot. THIS IS NOT GREAT SERVICE. I then get told itd cost me £500 to remove this clamp. The car had only been on that road for a few hours without its MOT. I feel as if i should have got some compensation for this or atleast Unclamped free of charge as I said the vehicle was being collected the following day. Not happy at all

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