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Megan's complaint against Terravision

Megan McMullan


Nightmare Bus June 5th, London Stansted - Victoria Station 11:30 Bus.

Complaint against Terravision

Hello, My name is Megan. I was on the bus going from the airport at 11:30am and it did not arrive into town until about 4:10pm. This delay caused me a world of problems when I arrived in London, I already have financial problems, and I also had a pre-booked ticket going from Victoria Station to Manchester through Megabus that was leaving at 4pm, this ticket cost me 20 pounds. Now because of your company I missed my bus, I should have been in that station before 1pm giving me hours to spare before my bus, and I don't feel like it's ok that I ended up having to pay for a last minute train out of town on top of all the other expenses. Not only did Megabus refuse to allow me to board at another time, they'd also sold out for the day on tickets to Manchester, National Express was mostly sold out aside for one bus arriving the next day in the morning, and due to the fact that I have commitments on the 6th, that being the only bus didn't work for me. I had to spend money leaving the train station to go to Euston, and then pay 80 pounds on my credit card (I have the receipt) to get a train from there to Manchester. I went to your companies desk before all this drama to ask if they could atleast sort me a way to get to Manchester without me having to fork out all this money, but they told me I had to make a claim online, and there was nothing they could do that day. I think this is wrong, if I have proof that this is my situation, there should be a company card and system to pay my way, when your company turned a 1 hour 15 minute bus trip into what's almost 5 hours, without so much as a plan as to how to resolve this mistake, I hold your company responsible for my expenses, I expect a refund for the 9 pound bus ride, and to be reimbursed my 80 pound train ticket to Manchester, as it was my only option. I won't ask for the Megabus to be paid for, sure they didn't give me a refund as they said it's not their fault, so they didn't want anything to do with me, but as long as I get my money back for the train, I'll feel like I didn't lose anything, and my budget situation will be back under control. All in all, getting from Stansted to Manchester cost me 110 pounds, 9 for your bus, 20 for the Megabus I missed, 80 for my train, and one pound for my bus in Manchester. That's too much, you can understand my stress over this. I'll feel much better, and give a positive review saying you sorted me out if I see my 89 pounds back please (80 for my train, 9 for your bus which I feel under the circumstances is a fair request) If you need to see my receipts just let me know what you want me to do, and we can sort this out. Also at the time I spoke to the bus drivers about my problem, and also the workers at the front desk in Victoria Station, I was very stressed, but not angry, if you ask them about me, they may remember, I have short black hair, I am Canadian, and my skin colour is white in a very authentic Irish way. Thank you.

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