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david's complaint against lowcostholidays

david picken


had to pay for our hotel again

Complaint against lowcostholidays

we booked our holiday with lowcostholidays for our honeymoon and my birthday to egypt sharm because we had been before and really liked it but when we got to the hotel we where told there was no reservations for us even though we had the paper work to prove it. we tried to contact lowcostholidays after waiting 30mins on hold we where cut off we tried again they answered after 4 mins and was told to phone back tommorrow and the phone was put down we tried again after waiting 40 mins i give up and paid for the night. the next morning which was my birthday i called low cost from my mobile explained the situation to them he said he will call me back in 30 mins 3 hours later he called me back and said there was a dispute between the hotel and hotelbeds who low cost holidays use he said he would call me back in half a hour another 3 hours later he phone back in the mean time my husband said he had brought our credit card so we paid 1,130 pounds for the stay of 2 weeks because i had wasted my birthday sitting in reception trying to sort this matter. when lowcostholidays call me back i told them we had paid for the whole stay again i was told to take photo of reciepts and e mail them which i did i was told on the 14th sept the funds will be back in my account in 3- 5 days i still not been paid back i had a e mail yesterday telling me the funds will be in my account in 3- 5 days i am getting really frustrated with this now also my birthday and honeymoon was ruined because of this matter

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Hi David, how are you? You just got married, congrats! :) We recently wrote a blog about Lowcost Holidays - really interesting story, check this out: bit.ly/1LwTiIY We use publicity to pressure companies for a fair resolution. We encourage our uses to share their complaint link on social media, it helps us to pressure the company for a response. Get some support from your friends by sharing it on facebook!
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