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mike's complaint against Nationwide Hire

mike woodbridge


[LAPSED] booking fee, but we haven't got one!

Complaint against Nationwide Hire

hi, i booked, via phone, a vehicle yesterday for 29 & 30 June 2015. The time of the booking was 1.56pm approx. At 1.58pm I received a T & C email (didn't read at time as was busy at work). At 3.37pm I contacted Nationwide and needed to cancel booking. Couldn't do more than cancel as again was at work, lady from nationwide said there would be an admin charge of £35. Told her had to do as needed to cancel and needed to get back to work. Today I emailed and asked them to rethink charge as £35 for 1hr35mins and only emails/phone calls seems excessive to say the least. they now tell me that is there T & C and they have to charge it as as soon as booking taken vehicle is allocated and taken out of system for 24hrs! Ask them to re-think and received a copy of there T & C!

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Lapsed. mike has not responded in 90 days

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Simon Gray | | VERIFIED

Hi Mike, It is not our company policy to charge any customer for the cancellation of an order, especially after just 90 minutes. I think that this may be a case of mistaken identity. We are Nationwide Hire Ltd - Perhaps you have confused us with another company with the word Nationwide in their name. We have searched our database and can see no record of have undertaken any quotes or contracts with you. Please feel free to contact me directly should you wish to discuss this further. Simon Gray

Simon Gray | | VERIFIED

Reported as Spam

Simon Gray | | VERIFIED

Hi Mike, It is not our policy to charge a cancelation fee to any customer, particularly for a booking canceled within 90 minutes. I can find no record of taking a booking from you, nor of charging for cancelation. I believe that you may have mistaken us for another company with the word "Nationwide" in their name and written your complaint in error. Please contact me directly so we can get to the bottom of this and issue a retraction if necessary. [email protected]

mike woodbridge | | VERIFIED

Many thanks for your response. I ordered & cancelled van hire on line at Nationwide Hire UK. Order number 94623. If this is not yourselves then you need to investigate as everything points to you. If it is you then you need to re-pay this ridiculous admin charge, incurred for 1.56hrs! Responce from nationwide was by: [email protected] -which (except name) is same address as yours so would expect same company!

mike woodbridge | | VERIFIED

email was from [email protected] so if another company then you should see why it's trading in your name. Order was 94623

Simon Gray | | VERIFIED

Hi Mike, my email address is whereas the email address from Sharon is (i.e. it does not contain the word "hire") I assume that Sharon works for Nationwide Hire UK who are a national car hire broker and we are Nationwide Hire Ltd and are a Tool and Plant hire company. These are two completely seperate companies with no connection. If you Google "Nationwide Hire Uk" they are the second listing and we are the third. Pls confirm and retract your complaint - Se

mike woodbridge | | VERIFIED

I see what has happened, very sorry. My complaint was not against Nationwidehire it is against nationwide, however, if you play on words & have such similar names then you'll need to be prepared to take the flak for each other at times, or you'll both have to be totally pristine, which obviously one of you wasn't at this time. I do emphasize though that my complaint was with 'Nationwide' a van hire company.

Simon Gray | | VERIFIED

Hi Mike, Thank you for your apology and admission that you had mistakenly posted about us. I'm afraid that it is inevitable that businesses in the UK may occasionally have similar names and, as you have pointed out, it is important that consumers correctly identify the company they wish to complain about before posting harmful comments. I am sure that you will undertake due dilligence the next time you have a complaint..
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