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Adrian's complaint against Simply Electronics

Adrian Federico


Worst customer service I have ever come across!

Complaint against Simply Electronics

I placed an order with Simplyelectronics and the parcel was meant to be delivered 21st August. Unfortunately the parcel was lost by the courier, which is not Simplyelectronics fault. However, the way it has been handled this then is unbelievable, and from a customer service viewpoint deplorable. I have made many attempts to find out what is going on, by phone all you get told is you need to contact them by e-mail. By e-mail you just get a standard reply, that COMPLETELY ignores any questions, information or updates I have asked for saying; "thankyou for your patience, another department is looking into it and will contact you once they have further information". This is now 5 weeks since the expected delivery date. I paid for the item 7 weeks ago and still have absolutely no idea when I am likely to get it! I have had to take it upon myself to contact the courier directly, and they have said that they have completed their investigation into the missing parcel, but have just been waiting for Simplyelectronics to contact them, so they can then credit Simplyelectronics (SE) for the missing parcel. Obviously SE have made no attempt in resolving the issue, apart from replying with their generic e-mail response, their customer service team have failed to follow up and resolve the issue. Any decent company that truly cares about their customers would have 1. Sent a replacement order as soon as the courier confirmed it was lost, and then sorted the credit with the courier independently of the customer being left waiting forever. OR 2. At least as a minimum, follow up the issue and keep the customer informed along the way. They could have at least said something like the following when the parcel was first reported missing : 'Sorry about the lost parcel, we will now look into this for you. We will have to take the following steps A, B & C before we can resend the missing parcel. We aim to do this within 2 weeks, but will keep you fully informed once we have completed each step of our process. Should you have any questions, please e-mail us where our customer service team WILL answer your questions. Thankyou' Doesn't seem too hard does it? But apparently it is for Simplyelectronics. I certainly won't be using them again. I hope for their sake, that they try and learn from this and change their processes, but I imagine it'll just be the standard reply and no actions that you'll get. I'm still waiting. (Thankfully, I paid by creditcard, so I'm covered for my money that way!)

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