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John's complaint against Amber Leaf

John Paradise



Complaint against Amber Leaf

I've been an Amber leaf smoker for over 10 years now and never had any qualms untill now. Firstly I opened a new pouch of tobacco this morning to finding in my pouch what looked more like rabbit droppings than tobacco, small rock hard pieces of something that was not tobacco, I have pictures to forward if need be, it's appalling. You charge enough for tobacco and the prices keep going up yet the product ive purchased this morning is not even tobacco, by all means you can try put it in a cigarette yourself and smoke it to see what happens but I'm going to pass. I'd like a refund or another pouch of tobacco, the customer service/complaints team is non existent, I'm going to go as far as saying you don't have one which is completely illegal as I've been able to get though one and have been trying for an age so I'm left having to put my complaint on a message board online, unacceptable for a multi billion pound business! Secondly on a side note I've been trying to find the shops that still sell the small 12.5 grams, as the tobacco, tobacco which we were assured as customers "hadn't changed" along with the branding change is awful. It Looks different, tastes different and smokes different. Also it makes people ill. Now I don't know what is going on, I refuse to smoke the new tobacco but the original issue I have today with the stuff that was in may pouch, as I've said it looked more like rabbit droppings than tobacco, was from a 12.5g pouch (as stated earlier I have photos). Now i'll wait to see if I get any reply before going to the ombudsman, as if I can't get though to complaints or customer service my only other option is the ombudsman. Regards and I senserely hope I hear from you soon

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