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Definitely not the same tobacco

Complaint against Amber Leaf

Been smoking amber leaf for ten years i know the taste very well but lately its been very different almost like its been soaked in liquid of sime sort and left to dry very strong in the back of the troat and the one pouch i bought last week has left me very ill after having a rollup i stopped breathing now im young in my 20s my mum dad brother have all smoked 20plus years and no one has stopped breathing i understand its not healthy but to just stop breathing im convinced there's something far more sinister in this tobacco than before i will get to the bottom of its absolutely not the same i should know ive smoked it ten years all my friends and family say the same

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Tito Maher | | VERIFIED

Ive smoked amber leaf before but i just recently picked up two pouches and they smell not like tobacco in the slightest, just smells like chemicals. Ive been smoking golden virgnia for the last month but still, something seems off with the taste here and the feeling in the mouth and throat when smoking it. The tobacco itself looks discolored like it was soaked in some chemical. no tobacco smell.
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