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Aaron's complaint against Lambert & Butler

Aaron Badrock


Burned eye

Complaint against Lambert \u0026 Butler

Hello, I Am not normally one for complaints but I am very unhappy with the experience that I had earlier on today. I lit my cigarette as usual and it gave off a massive flame that went in my eye and it really hurt, I panicked at first as I couldn't open it but after I put some frozen peas on my eye the pain went away and there are now no problems thankfully. The reason the cigarette gave off a large flame was because there was no tobacco in the top third of the cigarette which I only noticed when it gave off the flame and the paper just burned away. Although my eye is ok I am not very happy because not only do I pay an extortionate amount of money for a packet of cigarettes therefore I expect there to be a sufficient amount of tobacco in them but also as this could have caused me relatively serious harm. I understand that the cigarettes are made by machines and these things do happen but nevertheless I would like to be compensated with a sleeve free of charge. Regards, Mr Badrock.

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