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peter's complaint against Land Rover

peter phythian


Terrible Servcie and being lied to

Complaint against Land Rover

I had New Handbreak fitted 10months ago at a cost of nearly £1,000 and it has failed again. After consulting with my local garage I was told it was a faulty party, they spoke to Landrover who accepted this claim and called me to book my vehicle in for a warranty repair. Car was dropped in on Tue the 19th of Jan...I heard nothing back from anyone for a day or two so called on the THU to see when my car would be ready. I was told they were just getting someone back on it and it should be ready after, They would give me a call. NO call ever came I rang again on the FRI and was told the same Car should be ready soon….they would call. No call is I chased in the afternoon and was told it they were sorry it would be Monday. This went on. Until I final got a call back on Wed of this week to advise they had just looked at the car and the fault was not the part but the fitting. So they would not fix it. There was no explanation or any advice on what I should do now or anything. I asked for a detailed report and proof so I could talk to the garage who had fitted it, but all I was sent was a blank email with a picture of a screen shot some some kind of diagram with no explanation or anything. That was the last I heard from anyone. I have no idea where my car or what states it is in. I can’t fight the garage as I have no proof, all I can do is assume that my car has been in bits for 10 days parts of been lost and no the guilt it being blamed on another garage. I have had now 6 promises of call backs but none have come, no offer of a courtesy car, no apology nothing. I am not sat wondering if I should actually go to the police and report my car as stolen. 

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