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Florence's complaint against Paddy Power

Florence Fontaine


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Complaint against Paddy Power

On the 23rd of December 2015: I placed a £10 bet at paddy power shop in Sothwark Park Road and was given a half ticket with no bar code because the machine had a fault. I immediately asked the cashier if the ticket/bet is ok and he said yes. I left the counter to watch the race, when I saw one of the three numbers on my ticket worn, l headed to the counter to collect my winning only to be told that the ticket is late. The manager was not available behind counter,when I explained to her what happened, she told the cashier to write a report of what happened and pay me but the cashier refused to write the report and offered to refund my stake to me which of course I refused to collect. I asked him why he did not tell me that the. Bet is late when I asked him if the bet was ok? Is is now late because it is awinning ticket? The shop refused to give me a phone to help contact their customer services. When one of the punters gave me his phone, I called the Paddy Power Customer services department and spoke with a lady who informed me that the regional supervisor will be at the shop on the 29th of December 2015 to check the video and then decide if the bet is late as a result of the cashier's action. I went to the shop on the 30th to give them enough time, when I asked the cashier on duty that day about the decision about my winning ticket, he told me he has no idea what I was talking about. I immediately called the customer service department and one of the staff told me that there is nothing on their system regarding my compliant

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Terry | | VERIFIED

Disusting but not shocked

Terry | | VERIFIED

Disgusting but not shocked
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