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Mrs J's complaint against Clarks

Mrs J Pound


Very rude and abrupt member of staff. Wilmslow Branch

Complaint against Clarks

I went to the Macclesfield store and was served by a very efficient and helpful member of staff. As I have to wear orthotics in my shoes for fallen arches she went to a lot of trouble trying to find something suitable. After trying on several pairs of shoes she found Ella Grace which was comfortable but the left one slip on my heel when walking. She suggested heel grips and said try them at home inside and return if I was not happy. I duly did this but they were slipping badly, so I returned them this am to the Wilmslow Branch. I was served by Assistant 100 jodie according to my refund slip. I explained the situation and she asked if I would like to exchange, I said No thank you, I would like a refund. She asked abruptly if I had been informed about not being able to return accessories, I said No I had not. She said very rudely "I'll do it this time". She then asked for my card, which I inserted, put my number in and asked me to fill in a slip with my name and address and she walked off. I noticed on the refund she inserted I had ' changed my mind.' I would have kept the shoes if they had not slipped of my heels. I felt I had been treated very rudely and will not go into my local Clarks store again, I will go to Macclesfield where I was treated well. I find it very difficult buying shoes because of my foot problem and this experience in the Wilmslow store has made it even more unpleasant.

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