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Michael's complaint against WWE Network

Michael Kleeman



Complaint against WWE Network

I cancelled my subscription for wwe network in April. I am somehow still being charged for the past 2 months. I caled customer service and sent emails show.my bank statement showing I got charged for it May and June. Was told upper management would contact me within 24 to 48 hours. 3 days later nothing. I call back again and the.lady 9n the phone said they are to busy to call so they email. I told her if someone can send a email they have time to call me. Was told this time they are still investigating this issue wait another 24 to 48 hours. I told the rep no i want to know whats going on right now. Nothing helpful came from this. Now today got a email stating i did cancel my subscription and my statement doesnt reflect I was charged. Now WWE NETWORK is saying maybe I used a different email. Once again for the 5th time o I only have one email, im not Hillary Clinton and need 5 emails. 4 of then i can sell to South Korea for cheap. I only have one email. Everything of wwe is fake from wrestling all the way down to the customer service agents. THEIFS THEIFS THEIFS

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