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David's complaint against Hozelock

David Sayer


Frost suseptability

Complaint against Hozelock

Last year, i spent several hundred pounds installing a self watering cloud based system into my garden. I chose to use Hoselock and all their accessories, because i considered them a quality brand The cloud based controller stated that it was not suitable for the winter and to take it in over winter, so I did As part of the system, I had a 4 way tap adapter, 1 of the outlets was used for a normal hose and this was left operational over the winter. As is usual over the winter i wrapped it in old tea towels as insulation After a hard frost I found the 4 way tap adapter had blown one of the red control valves, my brass outside tape and everything else was fine. but now this adapter is broken and useless I did complain to Hoselock and their response was that next to the bar code on the packaging about the size of a pea is the "Internationally recognised" symbol for frost susceptibility. I have never seen this symbol before, but now I am aware of it, I am shocked at the amount of Hoselocks products that have this code. Are these products not designed for the outside environment, yet cannot tackle and very average english winter I am very disappointed, clearly i am now aware, but i notice Gardena which is a competitor brand does not show this symbol on their products - i think i mixed up, whilst Hoselock is a familiar brand it is clearly not the quality brand i thought it was

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