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I paid £1 to enter there competition now they have taken £75 from my account without my permission

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Funky clock came on the web saying that for £1 you could enter a competition to win mobile phones ,computer etc. and were naming all these people that had won. They took the £1 from my account ,then a few weeks later they took £75 .according to the web they are doing this to vast numbers of people they never said it would be ongoing.

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They say that i have made it quite plain that they do spell out that are take £75 each month for three months ,but they do not . to me thy are real crooks who are very good at there game. I just wonder how many people are out there getting taken in by there claims of all these prices out there that people are going to pay this £1 for then pay £75 or more .Quite a few I would think . I have put my case to the bank we wait to see what they found out
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