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Innocent's complaint against

Innocent Chirawu


On 28 Oct Funckyclock drew from my bank account £1.04 then £75.14 on 2Nov without my consent.

Complaint against

I'm a student nurse and on 28Oct Funckyclock urged me to allow them withdraw £1 from my account for me to win an Iphone but the they drew £1.04 and then to my shock on 2Nov they withdrew £75.14 before even 7days trial which some companies allow. After all this I received NOTHING except this feeling of 'helplessness and victimization' by a shark out there to reap where they did not sow ... (sob, sob, sob). I want my hard earned money re deposited into my Barclays Bank account asap, please.

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Innocent Chirawu | | VERIFIED

It is indeed alarming to see such daylight robbers like Funckclock thrive in the the so-called 1st World where the rule of law is claimed to be prevail-ant. This is I support one African leader who once said, "....Shame, Shame, Shame" on the so-called arrogant and snobbish West which looks down upon the so-called 3rd World countries, whose speck in the eye they look at through a massive magnifying lense, yet ignoring the log in their own eye. Someone must read Memoirs of Innocence & Experience
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