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dean's complaint against

dean beckett


paying numerous times to get iphone6 for 1pound doing surveys and going back to funkyclock

Complaint against

millions of uk people putting online thankyou for my phone for apound it arrived this morning ect,one guy brought 99 an proposed to his girlfreind with finding it abit unproffesional i do compertions ,surveys and towards the end they say thankyou for beeing a loyal customer get iphone 6 or 6s for 1pound so ipay again ,ive paid atleast 14times and ive received nothing just letter with code which have put into funkyclock site.Intotal over 3months this been going on also afew sites compertions ive won they say congratulations you won sansung edge click link a reserve your wining one ,so i click on link and does nothing or says fails permantly ,which then they send another email saying 24 to 72 hours to validate it or lose it weve treid contacting you ?,but they havent or id answear.they are swindling them to sell second hand shops for few hundred pounds or to give there freinds .the only reason i can think there doing .im really run down over it especially as ive never won anything in my life and i now but dont receive anything.i dont have family to ask for direction to go with this problem ,so im feeling alone fobed would be the company get intouch with but for days treid getting there email address or telephone to contact explain they would sort this out.ireland canada scotland were done before us were last bt everyhouse hold received 1 or 2 in them . These companys giving right infomation but not following it threw to each customer..its principle i will treasure myn one day if ireceive one.hope you have some better luck than me there not responding to my emails.but tell me to contact them.ive saved messages and compertions ive won.these are big companies ,anyway ill leave at that hope some good comes from this.thankyou

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