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Kay's complaint against XinWin

Kay Burgess



Complaint against XinWin

You have been sending me txt messages regarding competitions, which I have never requested, and have also discovered that you have been charging me for every txt message sent. I have no idea how this happened as I have never knowingly signed up for this. Having phoned and spoken to someone, they have advised me that they had sent txt messages saying something about "Having a chance to win £500 worth of Tesco vouchers". Where I do remember receiving txts like this, the minute I say it was a competition I automatically deleted the messages as I was in no way interested in participating. The girl that I spoke to said that it would state at the end of the txt that there would be a charge of x amount unless I txt back STOP. As mentioned previously, when I received these txt I just automatically deleted them when I saw the mention of competition, as I was not interested in participating and would never have subscribed to such a thing. I have arranged for a 'bar' on receiving future txt messages from you in order that I do NOT get any more charges, however I do not see how I should be out of pocket for something I would have never knowingly subscribed to, therefore I would appreciate if you could arrange to reimburse me for any charges you have deducted. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Kay Burgess | | VERIFIED

Can you please advise me how long it will take to send me a response to my complaint in order to set my expectations?

Kay Burgess | | VERIFIED

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