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Pam's complaint against MindJolt

Pam Ochsner


I paid for a 'premium membership', no ads. When I canceled it to ensure that no more payments would

Complaint against MindJolt

that no more payments would be put on my card, then reinstated it when they said it was good until next September? They changed my membership to ads, AND, I got a page-long threat to cancel my membership. NO offer of a refund, though, and no 'premium membership' reinstated. In fact, now they ignore me. Thank you; Pam Ochsner

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MindJolt failed to resolve this complaint

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Pam Ochsner | | VERIFIED

Word Search User ID is 10205420919336491... no comment or response yet from anyone at Mindjolt. You'd think this kind of negative behavior would be controlled at fifty bucks a pop.

Pam Ochsner | | VERIFIED

This afternoon word search 2 began loading quickly and without commercials or ads. No notices were sent, and nothing seems to have been altered, offered, or submitted, but it IS FINALLY WORKING... And I've been giving hundreds of tokens, free, over the last three days. So: Whoever's responsible? THANK YOU.

Pam Ochsner | | VERIFIED

Ads are back again today, but so were the free tokens.

Pam Ochsner | | VERIFIED

Mindjolt has neither reinstated my premium membership nor responded nor refunded. Nothing.
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