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Jenny's complaint against Club 3000 Bingo

Jenny Stanley


Bingo complaint

Complaint against Club 3000 Bingo

Appalled by the noise at the bingo hall today. The caller had to tell the same crowd to be quite on numerous occasions. One elderly gent didnt have his call heard due to this and quite frankly I think it's disgusting. I was playing on paper and missed some numbers due to the level of noise coming from the bar area. I switched to this club about 3 weeks back having always used mecca and to be honest I'm considering not going again. Everyone loves a natter but my God, grown adults cannot follow instructions here and ruin the game for everyone else at least whisper for God's sake!! And when trying to take it up with the assistant manager he looked like he couldn't be arsed and then asked the caller why he wasn't informed, well where was the manager when bingo was in play. There was plenty of staff who could of drew his attention to it. Beyond a joke, might be a cheap night like but I pay money to play and not spend my time trying to catch up on numbers due to noisy customers who cannot follow simple instructions. They should of been kicked out after the third time. Sort it out or you will end losing alot of customers!

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