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Kelly's complaint against Club 3000 Bingo

Kelly Enright



Complaint against Club 3000 Bingo

I have never felt so embarsserd in all my life going to your club yesterday!! i was playing the boards and was told i won £50 for then an hour later for somebody to come up to me and tell me that they have giving the money to the wrong person. in the mean time i was with my friends i bought us all a drink and shared some money out of the winnings so we could play more games and employer have then came up to tell me i have to pay the money back i only had £14 left so i gave that back then my card number name and phone numbers was taken and she also said i could be banned from the club! she did say she was sorry about what happend but the manager wasnt happy that u had to give another £50 out to the orignal winner and so many people have phoned in sick that there run off their wasnt my fault that i had been given money that i thought i had won it was the person who was giving money out was in the wrong but to say it in a box full of people made me really uncomfortable and uneasy i felt all night the workers kept looking at me as if i was in the wrong my friends also felt really uncomfortable even tho we come to ur club every week.. i said the the lady who came up to me do u have jobs going here she then replyed with yes but i wouldnt employ u after this!! Bang out of order i have played at your club for many years i was not in the wrong and i have been sat at home feeling terrible that i have done something wrong when i was not all all in the wrong i am disgusted that i have been made to feel this way

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