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Adam's complaint against Club 3000 Bingo

Adam Walsh


Live link went down again effecting the prize money

Complaint against Club 3000 Bingo

I was in club 3000 in Middleton last night with my wife's nanna for her birthday . We bought extra tickets for live game which cost extra as use would know . Yeah link went down when the game was being played which meant that the price money was dropped dramatically. From £1000 for 1 line and 2 lines and £3000 for the house when the link went down that went to £10 for a line £15 -2 lines £75 for a house . I can't say for sure if my wife's nanna would of won the line if it would of stayed on live link but literally a couple calls later after it met down she won the line then ended up with £10 prize money . It's happened a few times now where my wife's nanna has been and the live link has gone down which effects the prize money . Which in effect cost the people playing as they have paid to win a certain amount only to have in dramatically cut due to technical errors that ain't just a 1 off . It was my wife's nannas birthday yesterday and bingo was a treat for her . She enjoys playing and has been a member a long time a lot of family members are members of club3000 . I do hope use get the live link sorted as it was quite disappointing last night .

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