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Laura's complaint against Club 3000 Bingo

Laura Coleman


Reduced to tears

Complaint against Club 3000 Bingo

I am writing this whilst still sat in the Walkden club, and no resolution regarding the following events. {The manager still has to investigate recording equipment where apparently all conversations from the tables nearest to the front are recorded - just for anyone who has had private conversations). Upon entering the Club, staff were initally friendly and helpful. Free gifts were being handed out and I was asked to show my bingo bee. I returned with it to then be told I needed to show my voucher. Did so, to be told I then also needed my receipt. 3rd time lucky... but unknowingly to myself this was the first of a long list of unclear and untrained staff encounters. After telling the staff member he should have been clear to save the running about. Myself, mother and neighbour decided to order food. I ordered a cheeseburger, mother ordered steak and chips. The burger arrives to what could only be described as 2 cremated burgers with grated solid cheese thrown across them, not melted, no salad and chips which made a corpse look like it had more life in it! I said to the girl I won't be eating it as it is not what I ordered and nothing like the picture. The girl asked would I like it melted in the microwave, to which I informed her is a breech of kitchen regulations to reheat food, it must be served fresh again. So to avoid this I ordered lasagne. My mothers steak and chips came shortly after, luckily a male supervisor was at the table and my mother in front of his eyes pulled out a black hair from her food. To be fair he immediately said he'd take it back for yet another replacement but not before drawing attention to the table, people were looking and my mother red faced said no as to not make a fuss. However I refused for her to eat contaminated sub par food and requested a refund for myself as I am at this point still waiting for any edible food. A young girl brought my change and apologised informing that one of the chefs had recently returned from an operation and was under pressure, but agreed that it was not up to standard. We waited for my mothers replacement meal and thought this would be over and done with. How very wrong we were. The chef returned plate in hand, slammed it on the table and in full view of everyone rudely and abbrutly confronted my mother shouting and I DO QUOTE "Right there's ya' replacement! If you don't like it go to the counter for a refund because im not cooking anymore meals for you!" My mother in shock was on the verge of tears, even the players around us were mortified for her and are willing to help us in any form of investigation. I spoke to a female manager "L", explaining the situation when another member of staff jumped into the conversation stating "you swore at her." I addressed this quickly; allegations are not taken lightly and such can be extremely detrimental to my image and I would and WILL now be taking action. To which it was then changed to my mother swore (once again we have witnesses). We felt so uncomfortable but "L" said she would investigate the situation and get in touch once a full investigation had taken place. Being told they have a 0 tolerance policy for swearing, which I informed please feel free to exercise the right to ask us to leave because we are wanting a refund and have witnesses to state it is not true. The her was not swore at. No further action was taken at this point. From here on in all staff were in and out of the kitchen and made it aware we were not welcome and we were made to feel like outcasts. There are amazing staff members which are being overshadowed and held back by incompetent, inadequate, and down right disrespectful beings. Guess this literally boils down to the old saying. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Awaiting response from Club 3000 Walkden and H/O.

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