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Mr William's complaint against Ovo Energy

Mr William Young


Scottish Power is taking direct debit for months but not supplying gas, Ovo energy is supplying gas

Complaint against Ovo Energy

As above Ovo energy are supplying gas but no contract either verbal or written was ever made, It was originally only an enquiry, It was decided just to stay with Scottish Power, But they are not supplying the gas even though they are taking the direct debit, Ovo energy sent a terrible threatening letter to customer but did not even know the name of said customer, Scottish Power will not give the money back or pay Ovo for the gas and customer is stuck between the two and does not know what to do next, Scottish Power said the computer has a glich Ovo says they won.t be paid by the other. The letter has made my Father in law quite ill as he is 89 years old, he is being treated like an infirm old man but he has full facilties and is no way confused just very angry. Ovo want £504 off him for gas he did not want from them, Scottish Power has not as yet helped or paid monies back, He only wants to stay with Scottish power as he has for a while now, Please can you help or advice, or even mediate on behalf of my father in law

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I have been experiencing lots problem with Ovo. I never switched to them and they are taking me resposnsible for a bill over 70000 pounds they broken into my property several times saying they had warrant. orginally they were sending this almost 7000 pounds bill for gas and electric but I showed them there was no gas at all coming to my property so just they changed whole bill to electricity


I have several times complained to them but its been absoultely hopeless. they wont provide me with a bill that show me why I owe them almost 7 000 pounds they just keep on sending letter syaing 7000 pounds is owed at my flat.
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