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Kathleen's complaint against The Hut Group

Kathleen Thorley


[LAPSED] Free gift promise not fulfilled

Complaint against The Hut Group

I ordered goods totalling £61.19 on the proviso that I received a make up brush set worth £45. The goods arrived minus the free gift. I immediately rang the Hut group to inform them. I was told that I should have pressed the button on the email stating 'shop now '. I had done this and spent over £55. When I explained this and said I was not satisfied I was told that it would have to be referred to someone else who would email me within 24-48hrs. They did not. I phoned at around 4.30 today and eventually spoke to someone who informed me that I could not have clicked on to the shop now button otherwise the gift would have been activated. I maintain that I did do that and did see a photo of the set of brushes. However, I was informed (again ) that I could not have done otherwise the gift would have been activated. I was told that as a gesture of goodwill I could have a beauty box (which I did not want ) or again (as a gesture of goodwill, since they did not need to offer me anything) a voucher for £15. I did accept this (grudgingly ) but on reflection do not want it. What I do want is what I spent £61.19 for - the set of make up brushes. I was made to feel as though the whole thing was my fault when in fact there is a flaw in the website's system i. e. that if you click on the shop now button and spend £55 a free gift is activated - the amount spent being the key. It does not say be warned that if you should enter the website any other way and spend £55 or over you won't get anything except the goods you ordered.

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Lapsed. Kathleen has not responded in 90 days

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Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Kathleen, Thank you for your review. We're truly sorry for the delay replying to your review. We have only recently been made aware and therefore we would like to do everything in our power to ensure any issues are resolved. If you still have an outstanding issue, please can you provide your order details so we can locate your account and investigate further? Many thanks
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