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Janet's complaint against Whirlpool

Janet Norris


Tumble dryer engineer caused damage

Complaint against Whirlpool

Engineer turned up 90 minutes earlier than time communicatedto me so I was out. My painter, thinking he was being helpful, allowed him access without my knowledge. Engineer took the hose off and did not reaffix it and did not let me know this. so when I used the dryer the room filled with steam. I had to remove a heavy worktop unaided to feaffix the hose and broke a corner off getting it back. This would not have happened if he had not come in without my permission. Whirlpool say I must take my complaint up with ghe painter. I submit that it was not the painter's fault that the engineer left the tumble dryer unuasable without telling me nor is it the painter's fault that the engineer entered without ascertaining if I had given pemsiion for the painter to grant acces.

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