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Fraud Nigel Ohara

Complaint against Nigel O\u0027Hara

People keep saying about poor customer service which is crap. In a more simple case they have commited fraud, just because i have a Flower shop i cannot go round selling houses to people i do not have and then dont give then their money back and then close down my flower shop either claiming bankcruptcy refusing to refund them. No one i have heard of out of around 300 people has any one recieved and any of their electrical goods etc from the web site, people have only ever recieved watches and jewelery which the shop probably had in. I only gave them 900 pound for a laptop 3 months ago and there a numerious people buying over 1000 pund Tvs. No one has asked the important question of where is my money and everyone elses, why no refund, unless this family has a serious Drug or Alcohol problem they should have mine and everyone elses money as they clearly have not passed it on to these TV/LAPTOP Etc companys for the goods. I f the company has gone bankrupt then surly that means they have large debt and loosing money, they should not be selling everything of 80% discount as all the people who have lost money to these people should own a percentage of whats left. The Police Need To Get Involved. 1 CHECK & FIND OUT WHERE 100,000 OF POUNDS HAS GONE AS THERE MUST BE A BANK RECORD OF THIS AS EVERYONE PAID BY CARD. 2. IF FILEING FOR BANKRUPTCY ARE THEY IN BEBT OR LOOSING MONEY AS IT IS IN MY MIND A BLATENT ATTEMPT SO THEY ARE NOT LEGALY CONTRACTED TO GIVE ANY MONEY BACK AS THEY ARE BANKRUPT. 3. THE COMPANY HAS BEEN TRADING AND TAKING MONEY OF PEOPLE AND TELLING THEM TO CHASE YOUR BANK UP ABOUT THE REFUND, NEVER HAS AMAZON, EBAY, ZAVVI, PLAY.COM ASKED ME TO DO THIS AS IT IS RUBBISH. 4 PAYPAL AND AMAZON HAVE WASHED THERE HANDS OF THEM AND ARE SICK OF THEM BY ALL ACCOUNTS AS IT COMES BACK ON THEM WITH PAYPAL HAVING TO REFUND THEM OR AMAZON TAKE BLAME FOR ALLOWING THEM TO SELL ON THERE SITE. THIS IS A BLATANT SCHEME TO DEFRUADE PEOPLE OUT OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS INTENTIONALLY WITH THE PLAN TO THEN SHUT DOWN BANKCRUPT. POLICE SHOULD FIND OUT WHERE THE MONEY IS ? AS THAT DINKY SHOP COULD NOT HOLD ENOUGH STOCK TO USE ALL THE MONEY THEY HAVE DEFRAUDED OF THE PUBLIC, AND NONE OF THE STUF IN SHOP IS HUGLY EXPENSIVE. TO DO IT COMING UP TO CHRISTMAS WAS SMART ON THEIR BEHALF BUT ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING ACT TO DO AS HUMAN BEINGS. I AM SURE ALONG WITH MY SON THOUSANDS OF OTHER KIDS AND PEOPLE THANK YOU.

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