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Beth's complaint against 118 118

Beth Laidlaw


charged £350 to be put through to Sky when I get free calls to sky

Complaint against 118 118

Called directory enquiries 118118 for a number for sky to discuss a problem with my sky box. I was not given the number and was straight away asked if I wanted to be connected. I thought nothing of being put through to the call as I get free calls with sky. Having spent 45 minutes on the call to sky for them to try and resolve my problem with the sky box, the changes they made to the software resulted in my box no longer working. I have called sky back tonight to discuss the options and including cancelling and to my shock the advisor informs me that there has been a service charge on the call I made to them. He then details that I have been charged via 118 004 for a 45 minute call at the rate of £7:99 per minute equating to a £350 phone bill. So I'm now £350 out off pocket for a call to sky that I would have free as I am a sky TV, broadband and phone customer. I just cannot believe that this can happen when you are asking for a number to make a call! I am now looking for the complaints and refund policy of 118 and will be looking to warn family and friends of this shocking revelations bout a directory enquiries services! Maybe this is also one for watchdog as I am sure there are many other people placed into this situation by just agreeing to a call be connected for them with no discussion of a charge associated.

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118 118 failed to resolve this complaint

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Beth Laidlaw | | VERIFIED

I have managed to email 118 118 customer care and they are tracing the call and looking into this for me. Here's hoping that they do care for their customers and are able to resolve this for me.

Beth Laidlaw | | VERIFIED

I have been informed by 118118 that they have no record of my call. So I have dialled this directory enquiry and ended up with 118 004? I didn't even know there was another service. Back to the drawing board and if this is correct looks like 118 118 haven't been the company to over charge me for this service, but a Telecom2 company from the website I have just found. :(

Beth Laidlaw | | VERIFIED

Im still in shock that such services are in business, and I have never heard of 118 004, so I have no idea why this is the number registered as the call I made, as I only knew 118 118.
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