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Hayden's complaint against Showmasters Events

Hayden Chambers


Terrible attitude of staff at Newcastle comic con 19/11/16

Complaint against Showmasters Events

We were bombarded before we even got into the arena by staff aggressively telling us to take off our costumes...don't do this now...etc. The atmosphere of these events is always friendly and there's never any trouble as people are enjoying themselves, I'm not sure what sort of chip the showmasters staff had on their shoulders but they did all they could to ruin the positive atmosphere and gang up on anyone they didn't like the look of. Once we got past the ticket barriers we were immediately stopped and someone snatched a prop from us, (not remotely resembling a weapon), aggressively telling us it wasn't allowed and we couldn't go in. We pointed out 6 or 7 people around us who were all walking past security with very similar props, massive guns, metal swords and a real bow and arrows - none of whom were being stopped or talked to at any point. The showmasters staff did not have SIA licenses and so did not have the authority that they so clearly craved, we approached a real member of security from the venue who waved us through. Once inside we saw many people with real weapons and even a stall selling sharpened swords & knives. We spoke to a few people who said they'd experienced the same treatment from showmasters staff, it seems they don't say anything to the big guys with the real weapons, but they do get an attitude with anyone they feel isn't going to argue. terrible attitude, we wont be going to any more showmasters events.

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