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Sandra's complaint against Heart Radio

Sandra Wringer



Complaint against Heart Radio

I want to hear music not MONEY MONEY MONEY...winding people up with the false promise of winning....but taking people's money via texting....can't stand it anymore. I will definitely be changing to a radio station that doesn't do this. Music not Money!!

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paul cruse | | VERIFIED

It is my believe that HARTS triple play is fixed, First you pay £1.50 then they text you saying pay again and we will give you a free entree which most people will pay, now it costs you £3.00. But it takes them nearly 10 min to announce the winner, so its not a computer randomly picking a winner which would take seconds, they select a winner based on social media profile ?????.

paul cruse | | VERIFIED

paul cruse | | VERIFIED

Catalina Lupsa | | VERIFIED

I have the same thought. I played the triple 30k today and as I was about to send the last text for the 30k win I got a text saying I reached the maximum I can text... it seemed a bit weird to me ....and not only that but listening to the radio on the computer and phone at the same time and the tune was not synchronised, it went at least with a 5 seconds difference between them which makes a diff

Caroline Mossman | | VERIFIED

Caroline Mossman | | VERIFIED

Not happy that Robin and adele have been replaced .will be changing to another station .why did you change a winning team .I am not the only person who is unhappy

Keith Stead | | VERIFIED

Not happy losing James hemming and Becky from Heart in Kent Have switched to Smooth now Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden not a patch on James and Becky Bye bye Heart

David Davis | | VERIFIED

Ive entered several of these competitions and have received the text message asking for me to enter again ration that £12where I end up paying £3. All day i waited for them to play Madonna from 9am till 3.30pm and entered the competition to then hear on the That £12 grand was won by someone with money. Seems to be people pretty financially off that win & mostly from London or England & not Wales

David Davis | | VERIFIED

Excuse the above spelling mistakes. No one wins from Wales. Always England and the winners already seem to be pretty well off with holidays booked etc. I personally beleive it's a scam as if you play the radio station on your laptop and radio at same time there are a 5 second delay. You send your text and straight awzy they ask you to enter again paying another £1.50p. No point entering!!
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