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George's complaint against Heart Radio

George Childs


Repetitive playing of 6 year old songs.

Complaint against Heart Radio

I work at a restaurant with a small radio that can unfortunately only get a few mainstream radio stations, Heart Radio being the only one that can produce a clear sound. It is literally driving me to suicide having to not only listen to songs that barely scraped number one 5-10 years ago, but i have to listen to them everyday without fail, a lot of the time twice a day. Songs that have become unbearable to listen to include: Rihanna - Only Girl, Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger, Onerepublic - Counting Stars, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk, and older songs that for some reason you choose to play everyday since their release 30 years ago, such as Cydni Lauper's Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Please just broaden your horizons arc embrace the actual meaning of 'music variety' which is literally the most ironic thing to ever be uttered by a station as repetitive and single minded as yours.

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David Davis | | VERIFIED

Totally agree
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