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Sam's complaint against Domestic & General

Sam Arnold


Domestic and General Ruining Christmas and New Year for Hundreds

Complaint against Domestic \u0026 General

Domestic and General are ruining Christmas for families everywhere. Through over 25 years as a consumer I have never been forced to write about any individual company. However the service at Domestic and General is so appalling I feel I have to share my experience. As I researched my article I discovered how minor my problem with Domestic and General is. There are families as we approach Christmas who have appliances such as ovens and fridges unfixed. I urge you if you read nothing more of this article read the last paragraph it will change your thinking about Domestic and General forever. Although the details of my complaint are lengthy as with all disgruntled customers at Domestic and General I will try to keep them brief. Although I suggest whilst waiting for Domestic and General to answer their phones you may have time to read it. In all honestly I had time to read War and Peace I was on the phone so long. In September by tumble dryer broke. After lengthy phone calls in the excess of 45 minutes each an engineer came and repaired it. Three months later it is broken with the same problem. I contact Domestic and General about my broken tumble dryer. After one week an engineer arrives stays five minutes to tell us he can’t do anything, we need a new drum. One week after this a call, the parts have arrived we will have to wait another week for a engineer though. The day arrives, our engineer arrives two hours after the proposed ETA but still he is fixing tumble dryers, not telling the time. This engineer takes the machine apart, scratches his head. Unpacks the parts, scratches his head and then claims I can’t fix it I haven’t got a template to drill holes with. I would have thought a drill would have helped. Off he toddles leaving us with a pile of parts none working. Four days later a text to say after a month of head scratching the tumble dryer cannot be fixed. However do not despair a replacement will be arranged, expect a phone call in 48 hours. A text message that states please don’t miss our call, ironic I know. Four days later, message checked yes 48 hours to wait not days. I phone. 2 hours of waiting on hold and still no reply. So we go on Twitter. In their own sweet time we speak to a lady called Monique who ironically says my phone number is wrong. What luck Domestic and General managed to text me with the wrong number. Still she assures me a phone call with be received, in yes you guessed in 48 hours. So we wait yes another 4 days. Another two hour phone call with no reply and another Twitter chat where we speak to the lovely Claire who says don’t panic tomorrow someone will call you. That day comes and goes and yet still no phone call. So back onto social media to try and get some help. I then finally receive a phone call from someone. Ironically this person can do nothing to help me except give me more phone numbers to try. Her words not mine ‘I only rang to stop you putting nasty things on Twitter.’ Eventually with one of these numbers I get through only to be told I still have to pay for delivery on my machine even though I have spent over 7 hours on the phone and calls in excess of £50 as I only have a mobile to ring off. I have to be fair and say I have received a phone call from the complaints department at Domestic and General as I was going into a meeting. I asked them to ring back at 5pm when I could talk to them. You guessed it they never rang back that was a week ago. I have also contacted Watchdog and helped others to do this. I urge anyone who is suffering with Domestic and General like I did to follow the link on the Watchdog site and share a story you will find your not alone. Now here is the message I am going to make it my life work to convey to you all. Over the ten years with Domestic and General I have paid out £2040 in monthly fee’s. I have had a couple of call outs and a replacement machine out of them totalling at the most £750. Which leaves them still having £1290 of my money, for what. In excess of 2 hour phone waits, stress and inadequate service. Domestic and General don’t even arrange the engineer call out instead they give you a number to ring and you arrange it. Domestic and General feed on our fear of what about if something goes wrong! Here is my suggestion set up a free savings account cancel your monthly fee and put it into this savings account. If anything goes wrong you will have the money to sort it out. If nothing goes wrong you will have some savings for a holiday. You will be arranging an engineer yourself either way. Don’t reward bad service be money smart and kick Domestic and General into touch.

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