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DAVID's complaint against Carillion



Noise from maintainance crews during the night.

Complaint against Carillion

Hi, just who do I send my complaint to concerning C2C's night contractors that work on the tracks. I have lived at this address for over 14yrs and never once had to deal with the level of noise that is happening this very late evening/early morning. I realise that tracks have to be maintained for safety reasons. So the machinery noise of grinders is exceptable to a degree,but the level of noise coming from the workers themselves is totally out of order screaming and yelling at each other the noise is deafening like living next to a school playground. Once upon a time we would get a leaflet through the letterbox telling us when work was going to commence so I could then sleep in the spare room at the back of the house for a few nights whilst the work went on.But we don't recieve any notice these days they just turn up late at night early mornings and commence working banging away and shouting at each other. I work long daytime hours and need my sleep. It looks like I will be phoning work again in a few hours saying that I cannot go in today, because I have not had enough sleep.

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